Oresteia - Romancing the Damned

Romancing the Damned


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Oresteia - Romancing the Damned

“Romancing the Damned” is Oresteia’s debut release and features four tracks, all recorded at The Ranch in Southampton. The recordings are certainly eclectic and mostly have a studio-based approach. Whilst “Helen” and “Raindance” were developed live before going into the studio, “The Cause To Forget Everything” and “Some Mild Peril” are old favourites.

Oresteia are thrilled about their first release: “We are very excited to release our children into the wild and are pleased to be working with Sotones Records, as they have a good ethic, which we enjoy being a part of.”


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  1. Oresteia - The Cause to Forget Everything
  2. Oresteia - Helen
  3. Oresteia - Raindance
  4. Oresteia - Some Mild Peril